Help us find The World's Most Pampered Pets

Is your dog a diva? Does your horse live like a Hollywood star? Drop us a line and help us find The World's Most Pampered Pets.

Help us find The World's Most Pampered Pets

They are waited on in their homes by maids and servants, and dine on the finest foods. They dress in the finest clothes and lavish jewellery. They travel in style, and are waited on hand and paw. These aren't Hollywood superstars; these are The World’s Most Pampered Pets!

Channel 5's brand new show will take you into this extraordinary world. You will cry, you will shout; you'll be flabbergasted, outraged and fascinated, and you will shake your fist in jealousy at the extravagance given to these lucky critters.

We have made it our task to scour the globe to find the most pampered pets, from cats and crocodiles to puppies and pythons, and reveal how this privileged set live.

But we need your help – we’ve tracked down many of these fabulous pets, but there are more out there, and we need you to tell us who and where they are. 

Please contact us at

Maybe you know of a pampered pet whose owner treats it better than you would your own child, or maybe you are an owner who can’t help themselves and wants to show the world exactly how you make your animal’s life one fit for a king.

Does your cat have a lifestyle rivalling that of Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua? Does your horse live like a Hollywood star? Is your dog a diva? Drop us a line, and together we can show the world the wonderful delights and glimpses of glamour afforded to the The World’s Most Pampered Pets.

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  • Karen, Maverick Bulldogs

    over 1 year ago

    Karen, Maverick Bulldogs

    We can't wait to SEE US Maverick Bulldogs on the Show! I was the Hostess and Fun Dog Show Judge at Diva Dogs Day! WOOF WOOF Love Karen & All teh Maverick Girlies @maverickbulldogs xxxxx

  • lisa felix

    over 1 year ago

    lisa felix

    vicki the croc lady melbourne australia. pls can you tell me when this one will be showing? My son is in it and i want to tell my family in england when to watch it. Also, can i get a copy of it and do you know what channel it will be shown in australia? thanks, Lisa felix

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