Jedward invite you into their Weird Wild World

It's going to be Jepic!

They're back...

Fresh from causing mayhem in the Big Brother House and blowing a £12,000 wedding budget on fire-eaters and a stuffed gorilla, we can now reveal that Jedward will return to 5* this spring.

In their new 6-part show, Weird Wild World, the boys will introduce some of the web's funniest, most embarrassing and sometimes excruciatingly painful moments.

Expect plenty of laughs, crazy costumes and, naturally, their trademark big hair, as John and Edward explore the bizarre world of user generated content from across the globe.

The boys had this to say about their new show: "We're so excited to be hosting this new series for 5*. We love going online and watching funny clips and our new series will bring together the most amazing internet clips we could find. Buckle up, it's going to be a Jepic ride."

Jedward's Weird Wild World will air on 5* in the spring.