Here are the winners of our competitions. Congratulations everyone!


Please note that before we can announce the names of winners of our competitions, Channel 5 must first verify their entry and their name and address. This can take up to 28 days, so if the winner of a recent competition is not currently shown, please be patient while we confirm details.

Here are the winners of our competitions. Congratulations everyone!

Home & Away Competition 1: 12.02.2015
Prize: 14 night holiday to Sydney                                     Winner: Christopher Taylor

Movie Competition 2: 02.02.2015
Prize: £5,000 + a home cinema system                                 Winner: Philip Tanswell

Neighbours Competition 1: 12.01.2015
Prize: £10,000 + Neighbours goodies                                 Winner: Margaret Gatty

Celebrity Big Brother Competition: 10.01.2015
Prize: £20,000                                                                   Winner: Courteney Croft

Drama Competition 1: 05.01.2015
Prize: £10,000 + Drama series goodies                             Winner: Margaret Sambrooks

Movies Competition 1: 05.01.2015
Prize: Trip to Cayman Islands & home cinema system                 Winner: Talia Paulson

Drama Competition 9: 01.12.2014
Prize: A trip to Jamaica                                                               Winner: David Gibbs

Home & Away Competition 5: 01.12.2014
Prize: £5,000                                                                     Winner: Elaine Lane

Movie Competition 12: 01.12.2014
Prize: A trip to the Ice Hotel
                                                          Winner: Ann Martin

World's Strongest Man Competition: 19.12.2014
Prize: £10,000                                                                     Winner: Mitchell George Henning

The Gadget Show Competition 14: 15.12.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Natalie Dillamore

The Gadget Show Competition 13: 08.12.2014
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Darren Addis
Runner up prize: £1,000 Christmas stocking
Winner 1: Jordan Barrett
Winner 2: Stephen Marsh
Winner 3: Julie Darnell
Winner 4: Julie Walton
Winner 5: Christopher Drury
Winner 6: Simon Mair
Winner 7: Robert Dunn
Winner 8: Paul Forrest
Winner 9: Lorenzo Scanferla
Winner 10: Kane Davies  

The Railway First Great Western Competition 1: 04.12.2014
Prize: Trip on the Rocky Mountaineer Train                                 Winner: Margaret Walker

Gibraltar Competition 2: 03.12.2014
Prize: £5,000                                                                    
Winner: Susan Cridland

The Gadget Show Competition 12: 01.12.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: William Bain

The Gadget Show Competition 11: 24.11.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Hubert Borges-Da-Silva

The Gadget Show Competition 10: 17.11.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Jeni Jones

The Gadget Show Competition 9: 10.11.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Pamela Stopps

Gibraltar Competition 1: 05.11.2014
Prize: Trip to Gibraltar                                                                 Winner: Valerie Mackey

Movie Competition 11: 03.11.2014
Prize: Holiday to the Maldives                                                     Winner: Pascal Berthet

Drama Competition 8: 03.11.2014
Prize: Holiday to Bali                                                                   Winner: Tony Gibson

Neighbours Competition 5: 03.11.2014
Prize: £6,000                                                                     Winner: Susan Spencer                                                      

The Gadget Show Competition 7: 27.10.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Kenneth Scott

Alex Polizzi's Secret Italy Competition: 24.10.2014
Prize: 7 night Italian adventure to Rome, Capri & the Amalfi Coast                                                                    
Winner: Idris Tawfiq 

Rome The World's First Superpower Competition: 24.10.2014
Prize: Trip to Rome                                                                     Winner: Margaret Franklin-Bourne

The Gadget Show Competition 6: 20.10.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Mark Ferguson

The Gadget Show Competition 8: 03.11.2014
Prize: 1 of 5 prize bundles
Winner 1: Dr Yahya Ibrahim
Winner 2: Darron Fenty
Winner 3: Linda Dodd
Winner 4: Chris Sadler
Winner 5: Eric O'Neil  

Gotham Competition: 13.10.2014
Prize: £5000
Winner 1: Wayne Bernard Buchanan
Winner 2: Tracy Hammond-Scodellaro
Winner 3: Carl Gagg
Winner 4: Ian Paul Overton
Winner 5: David Williams          

The Gadget Show Competition 5: 13.10.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Adam Cahill

Secret Life of Pets Comp 2: 07.10.2014
Prize: Holiday to an elephant resort in Thailand
Winner: Sue Ticehurst               

Drama Competition 7: 06.10.2014
Prize: £5,000 per month for the rest of the year £15,000               Winner: Jennifer Moorghen

Movie Competition 10: 06.10.2014
Prize: Business class flights up to £10,000                                   Winner: Gary Jones

Home & Away Competition 4: 06.10.2014
Prize: Holiday to Sydney                                                             Winner: Janice Nichols

The Gadget Show Competition 4: 06.10.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Scott Michael Manning

The Gadget Show Competition 3: 29.09.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner 1: Natalie Mills  
Winner 2: Oliver Filio 

The Gadget Show Competition 2: 22.09.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner: Paul Finburg

Storage Flog the Lot Competition 1: 19.09.2014
Prize: £5,000                                                                                 Winner: Janet Thompson 

The Gadget Show Competition 1: 15.09.2014
Prize: Prize bundle                                                                       Winner 1: Louise Green

Secret Life of Pets Competition 1: 09.09.2014
Prize: Holiday to South Africa Whale watching  + £2,000             Winner: Kalpesh Patel

Neighbours Competition 4: 08.09.2014
Prize: Holiday for 2 to Melbourne, Australia                         Winner: Anna Hepburn

Drama Competition 6: 05.09.2014
Prize: Holiday to Turks & Caicos  + £1,000                                   Winner: Maria Putman

Movies Competition 9: 05.09.2014
Prize: Holiday to Las Vegas + £1,000                                           Winner: Anthony Anderson

Cowboy Builders: 26.08.14
Prize: £10,000 towards your bills                                                 Winner: Allan Grimason-Blackey

Under The Dome Competition: 25.08.2014
Prize: Holiday to New York + £2,000                                             Winner: Sylvia Atkinson

Nightmare Neighbours Next Door Competition: 20.08.2014
Prize: £10,000
Winner: Monica McLean

Big Brother Competition 3: 18.07.2014
Prize: Holiday to St Lucia + £1,000
Winner1: Tracie Jane Temple
Winner2: Ailsa Rowland                                                               

On the Yorkshire Buses Competition 1: 11.07.2014
Prize: Holiday to Las Vegas                                                   Winner: Jackie Farrall

Cricket Competition 2: 09.07.2014
Prize: Holiday to Melbourne to watch the ICC Cricket World Championship Final                                                         Winner: Ian Waley

Kathleen Mary KingsHotel Inspector Returns Competition 2: 09.07.2014
Prize: Holiday to Barbados + £1,000                                         Winner: Gemma Stedman

Drama competition 7: 01.07.2014
Prize: Holiday to the Maldives                                                 Winner: Kathleen Mary Kingston  

Big Brother competition 2: 27.06.14
Prize: Holiday to Las Vegas and Hollywood                          Winner: Lisa Chevin

Hotel Inspector Returns competition 1: 25.06.14
Prize: Holiday to the Maldives                                                     Winner: Gary Richardson

Brand New House for £5k competition: 25.06.14
Prize: £5,000                                                                              Winner: Collette Hunt

Neighbours competition 3: 24.06.14
Prize: £1,000 per month for the rest of the year                    Winner: Wayne Roberts

Orange Is the New Black in app Big Brother competition: 20.06.14
Prize: Orange Is the New Black goody bag
Elliott Motterham, Elise Arnold, Elaine Cull,       Charlotte Meredew, Lauren Thomson, Laura Buckingham,    Ellen Woodward, Daniel Falconer, Lynsey Baker,            Anastasia Said, Satinderjeet Lochab, Tracy Smith, Katie Thorley, Alice Boucher, Chelsea Rollinson 

Classic Car Rescue competition 8: 08.06.14
Prize: 1973 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray as featured in the programme
Winner: Dean Wilkinson

Big Brother competition 1: 06.06.2014
Prize: Holiday to Hawaii or £10,000
Winner: Hayley Fowler

Classic Car Rescue competition 7: 02.06.14
Prize: 1974 Beetle as featured in the programme
Winner: Damien Love

Home & Away competition 2: 02.06.2014
Prize: Holiday to Sydney and Great Barrier Reef
Winner: Louise Hogger

Eddie Stobart's Excellent Adventures: 23.05.2014
Prize: £10,000 + Eddie Stobart goodies
Winner: Patricia Kirkland

Cricket competition 1: 20.05.2014
Prize: Hospitality tickets to watch England V Indian on 19th July at Lord's
Winner: Philip Collins

Drama on 5 competition 4: 13.05.2014
Prize: Holiday to New York
Winner: Adrienne Pope

Movies competition 6: 12.05.2014
Prize: £5,000
Winner: Danny Merlo

DIY Dummies: 12.05.2014
Prize: £10,000
Winner: Steven Pike

Classic Car Rescue 6: 27.05.14
Prize: 1981 Ferrari Mondial as featured in the programme
Winner: Barry Creed

Cowboy Builders 2: 08.05.14
Prize: £10,000
Winner: Donna Undrill

Classic Car Rescue 5: 19.05.14
Prize: 1981 Delorean DMC 12 as featured in the programme
Winner: Saad Maqbool

Neighbours 2: 28.04.14
Prize: Holiday to Melbourne
Winner: Shirley Cockerton

Classic Car Rescue 4: 11.05.14
Prize: 1966 VW Camper as featured in the programme
Winner: William Fernie

Classic Car Rescue 3: 27.04.14
Prize: Mercedes SL 1979 as featured in the programme
Winner: John Schofield

Gadget Show series 19 episode 9: 21.04.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Steve Craig

Classic Car Rescue 2: 20.04.14
Prize: Fiat 500 as seen in the programme
Winner: Peter Richards

Cowboy Builders 1: 17.04.14
Prize: Maldives or £10,000
Winner: Cheryl Benson

Movies 5: 14.04.14
Prize: Holiday to Corfu
Winner: Adrian Finn

Drama on 5 comp 3: 08.04.14
Prize: £1,000 a month for the rest of the year!
Winner: Deborah Gilbody 

Home & Away 1: 07.04.14
Prize: Trip to Sydney plus £1,000
Winner: Victoria Burrell

The Gadget Show s19 episode 8: 14.04.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Will Peterkin

Classic Car Rescue 1: 13.04.14
Prize: Porsche as featured in the show
Winner: Scott McFadyen

Movies 4: 31.03.14
Prize: Tickets to the Amazing Spiderman Premiere in New York
Winner: Own Uglow

Hotel Inspector 4: 20.03.14
Prize: Holiday to Athens
Winner: Lisa Mansfield

Drama on 5 comp 2: 04.03.14
Prize: Holiday to Mauritius
Winner: William Costello

The Gadget Show episode 7: 07.04.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Thomas James Littlemore

The Gadget Show episode 6: 31.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Martin Hudson

The Gadget Show episode 5: 24.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: John Loughrey

The Gadget Show episode 4: 17.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: James Fox-Davies

The Hotel Inspector 3 competition: 06.03.14
Prize: Holiday to the Ice Hotel, Finland!
Winner: Angela Harmer

Movies 3: 03.03.14
Prize: Holiday to St Lucia
Winner: Julie Ryan

Boxing Comp 1: 01.03.14
Prize: Tickets to Manny Pacquiao v Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas
Winner: Yvonne Thompson

Gadget Show episode 3: 10.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Levi Cole

Hotel Inspector 2: 20.02.14
Prize: Win a country side escape!
Winner: Susan Fletcher

Gadget Show episode 2: 03.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Amanda McDowall

Gadget Show episode 1: 24.02.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Paul Wright

Neighbours Comp 1: 04.02.14
Prize: £10,000
Winner: Robert Joseph Wilson

Drama on 5 Comp 1: 28.01.14
Prize: £10,000
Winner: Janet Eldridge

Hotel Inspector comp 1: 06.02.14
Prize: 5* penthouse suite with butler in Bali
Winner: Emma Biederman

Movies Comp 2: 03.02.14
Prize: Holiday to the Maldives
Winner: Joan McConville