Here are the winners of our competitions. Congratulations everyone!


Please note that before we can announce the names of winners of our competitions, Channel 5 must first verify their entry and their name and address. This can take up to 28 days, so if the winner of a recent competition is not currently shown, please be patient while we confirm details.

Here are the winners of our competitions. Congratulations everyone!

The Gadget Show episode 5: 24.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: John Loughrey

The Gadget Show episode 4: 17.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: James Fox-Davies

The Hotel Inspector 3 competition: 06.03.14
Prize: Holiday to the Ice Hotel, Finland!
Winner: Angela Harmer

Movies 3: 03.03.14
Prize: Holiday to St Lucia
Winner: Julie Ryan

Boxing Comp 1: 01.03.14
Prize: Tickets to Manny Pacquiao v Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas
Winner: Yvonne Thompson

Gadget Show episode 3: 10.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Levi Cole

Hotel Inspector 2: 20.02.14
Prize: Win a country side escape!
Winner: Susan Fletcher

Gadget Show episode 2: 03.03.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Amanda McDowall

Gadget Show episode 1: 24.02.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Paul Wright

Neighbours Comp 1: 04.02.14
Prize: £10,000
Winner: Robert Joseph Wilson

Drama on 5 Comp 1: 28.01.14
Prize: £10,000
Winner: Janet Eldridge

Hotel Inspector comp 1: 06.02.14
Prize: 5* penthouse suite with butler in Bali
Winner: Emma Biederman

Movies Comp 2: 03.02.14
Prize: Holiday to the Maldives
Winner: Joan McConville

Extreme Fishing Comp 2: 17.01.14
Prize: Fishing trip for two to Florida
Winner: Lilly Thurst

Go Hard or Go Home: 13.01.14
Prize: Tickets to Tour De France 2014 finishing straight
Winner: Stephen McCoy

Celebrity Big Brother: 03.01.14
Prize: Holiday to the Maldives with Business Class Flights
Winner: Holly Laura Pope

Extreme Fishing comp 1:  03.01.14
Prize: Fishing trip for 2 to Cancun
Winner: John Wilson Thomas

Movies 1: 06.01.14
Prize: Holiday to Jamaica with Sandals resorts!
Winner: Peter Jones

The Gadget Show episode 13: 06.01.14
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Ellie Blasza

Drama on 5 comp 3: 03.12.13
Prize: £12,000
Winner: Kenneth Coulter

The Gadget Show episode 12: 31.12.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Philip Shaw

World's Strongest Man: 16.12.13
Prize: £5,000 plus signed World's Strongest Man T Shirt
Winner: Paul Lawless

The Gadget Show episode 11: 23.12.13
Prize: Gadget Bundle
Winner: Graham Winter

Movies 12: 02.2.13
Prize: Holiday to Las Vegas
Winner: Andrew Parker

Eddie Stobart Competition 2: 06.12.13
Prize: Holiday for 4 to Santorini or £10,000
Winner: Fred Saxby

The Gadget Show Episode 10: 16.12.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Nicola Campbell

Charley Boorman's USA Adventures: 21.11.13
Prize: An American Adventure for two!
Winner: Dianne Williams

The Gadget Show episode 9: 09.12.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Tom Freeman

Cowboy Builders: 24.09.13
Prize: 6 Sleeper Motorhome
Winner: Brian Food

The Great Christmas Toy Giveaway: 10.12.13
Prize: Toy bundle
Winner: Fiona King

Gadget Show episode 8: 02.12.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Richard Bishop

Gadget Show episode 8: 02.12.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Beki Anderson

Gadget Show episode 7: 25.11.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Neil Salmon

Eddie Stobart comp 1: 08.11.13
Prize: £10,000
Winner: Susan Tonge

Drama on 5 Comp 2: 29.10.13
Prize: Holiday to Santorini
Winner: Shelley Wild

Movies 11: 04.11.13
Prize: Holiday to St Lucia
Winner: Barbara Cameron

Neighbours 4: 04.11.13
Prize: Win a holiday to Melbourne and meet the cast of Neighbours!
Winner: Alison Binns

Gadget Show episode 6: 18.11.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Russ Smith

Boxing Competition 4: 16.11.13
Prize: Holiday to Las Vegas
Winner: Neil Dombrowski

Win your Christmas worth £10,000: 29.10.13
Prize: Win your Christmas worth £10,000
Winner: Shanice Wedge

Under the Dome: 26.08.13
Prize: £30,000
Winner: Denis Ellingham

Under the Dome Runner Ups: 26.08.13
Prize: Under the Dome Series 1 Box Set
Winners: Laura Miller, Sandie Russell, James Jones, Michael Baker

The Gadget Show episode 4: 04.11.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Steven Birch

The Gadget Show episode 5: 11.11.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Dan Clark

The Gadget Show episode 3: 28.10.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Genna Forsyth

The Gadget Show episode 2: 21.10.13
Prize: Biggest ever bundle worth £45,000!
Winner: Lynsey Slocombe

Movies Competition 10: 07.10.13
Prize: Holiday to Mauritius
Winner: Laura Sargeant

The Gadget Show episode 1: 14.10.13
Prize: Gadget bundle
Winner: Matthew Cooper

The Railway 2: 26.09.13
Prize: Holiday to Japan with a trip on the Bullet Train
Winner: Timothy Clapham

Drama on 5: 24.09.13
Prize: £15,000
Winner: Mandy Burrows

Neighbours 3: 03.09.13
Prize: Meet the Neighbours cast in Melbourne and jet off to Fraser Island
Winner: Zoe Parker