Emerald City is coming to 5STAR

You can banish the thoughts of jovial sing-songs and green-faced witches. This is Oz imagined like never before! Emerald City, The brand new fantasy-epic, directed by Tarsem Singh and produced by Universal Television, will be making its way to 5STAR in the New Year.

Emerald City is the story of 20-year-old Dorothy Gale (Adria Arjona), who is swept up into the eye of a tornado and transported to another world – a mystical land in great peril, where an all-powerful Wizard has forbidden magic and rules over many kingdoms. This is the fabled Land of Oz in a way you’ve never seen before – where lethal warriors roam, wicked witches plot in the shadows, and a young girl from Kansas becomes a headstrong heroine who holds the fate of their world in her hands.

Emerald City takes a fresh look at the legendary story of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with a dramatic re-imagining of the classic story, bringing it up to date with spectacular costumes, high production values and detailed sets. Adria Arjona (Pacific Rim 2, True Detective) stars as Dorothy and Vincent D’Onofrio (The Magnificent Seven, Daredevil, Jurassic World) stars as the Wizard. They are joined by a large British cast including Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck), Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The Raven), Stefani Martini (Tennison, Dr. Thorne), Jordan Loughran (The Evermoor Chronicles), Gerran Howell (Young Dracula) and Gina Bellman (Coupling, Blackeyes). Additional cast includes Isabel Lucas (Home & Away), Ana Ularu (The Borgias), Florence Kasumba (Dominion), Mido Hamada (American Sniper), amongst others.

Director Tarsem Singh brings powerful photography to the series, which was shot in Spain, Budapest and Croatia last summer. His artistic flair for directing is evident in everything from his Grammy®-winning music video for R.E.M, “Losing My Religion,” to the box office hit, Mirror Mirror.

Produced by Universal Television, Emerald City is based on the characters created by L. Frank Baum. David Schulner, Shaun Cassidy, Josh Friedman and Matthew Arnold serve as executive producers. The series is directed by Tarsem Singh Dhandwar, who also serves as executive producer.

Win a trip to Orlando, Florida!

To celebrate the launch of Channel Zero on 5STAR we’re giving you the chance to win a Halloween trip for two with flights and five nights’ accommodation including tickets to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 2017. We’ll even throw in £500 spending money.

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The competition opens at 12 noon on Friday 28th October and closes on Tuesday 8th November at 12 noon. Entrants must be 16 or over.

Check all the rules and terms and conditions here: http://www.channel5.com/competition-terms-and-conditions…

Gangland: FAQs

Were the participants in Gangland paid to take part?

No one in the film has been paid, and no inducements have been given. All contributors have taken part of their own free will, because they wanted to give an insight into the underground world in which they live.

Does Gangland glamorise or promote illegal activity?

We can assure you that this programme does not glorify gang crime. With an estimated 450,000 young people thought to be active gang members, the programme examines how gang culture has become such a central part of the lives of so many young Britons. The programme includes gang members talking frankly about their lives and motivations, offering an insight into the underground world they inhabit. No one in the film has been paid, and no inducements were given. All contributors have taken part of their own free will, because they wanted to give an insight into the underground world in which they live. In addition, follow up programme Gangland: Murder looks at the fallout of gang culture and the impact on lives and local communities.

The programme has been complied for broadcast, and we are confident that it fully complies with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.

What does Gangland hope to achieve?

The documentary aims to show the reality of gang life in the UK today. Gangs are operating in many, if not all, of Britain’s inner cities and young people are still being drawn to join them, often with tragic outcomes, making  this a public interest story. We have found a way to show the reality of life inside gangs as never seen before on British TV. This is a story we feel should be shared, showing gang life through the eyes of its members in the UK.

You may be interested in a Guardian article from 30th August on the film-maker Paul Blake and his making of this 2-part series, which can be found here.

Casting for a new medical series

Have you followed an online lifestyle guru or taken supplement/diet pills and now feel worse than ever? Do you have symptoms that you’d like checking out?

Get it sorted with one of our dream team of doctors.

Email appointments@arrowmedia.com, call 0207 489 6309 or text your name and number to 07934 366 831.

Bellator 158 Prelims

Watch the Bellator 158 prelim fights here from 11:30pm on Saturday 16 July.

Guidance: Sporting event containing real violence and blood.

Dom Clark Vs. Michael Shipman

Spencer Hewitt Vs. Pietro Menga

Dean Garnett Vs. Luiz Tosta

Jack Mason Vs. Jason Radcliffe

Nathanial Wood Vs. Chase Morton

Manuel Garcia Vs. Alex Reid

Danny Mitchell Vs. CJ Meeks

Neil Grove Vs. James Mulheron

The Magicians – help and support

If you were affected by any of the issues covered in this week’s episode and would like some support, please visit one of the links below for guidance from dedicated charities and organisations.

Episode 11 – Remedial Battle Magic

The Samaritans

Maytree – a sanctuary for the suicidal 

NHS Choices – suicide

Turn2Me – e-mental health

Episode 13 – Have You Brought Me Little Cakes

Rape Crisis England and Wales

Victim Support

Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre

The Survivors Trust 

Support Contacts – When Kids Kill

If you, a family member or friend have been affected by any of the issues you have seen in When Kids Kill, please get in touch with the organisations below.

Episode 1

The World Of Oral STIs

This week on Sex Pod, Joyce had a question that you won’t often hear and one that a lot of people won’t have even thought about; can you get an STI from oral sex?

It’s a common misconception in sex that you can only get STI’s from penetrative sex, a lot of people will perform unprotected oral sex without even realising that there’s a risk of STIs but, dun dun dunnnn, there deffo is!

STI’s thrive in mucus membranes; that means the lips, inside the mouth, over the genitals and anus and, of course, inside them. Also, all STIs can be transmitted through contact alone, although there is a higher risk of infection with ejaculation, that’s not the only time you can get an STI. So weather the man ejaculates or not, you can get STIs through both giving and receiving oral in all its forms.

What’s the risk?

Forms of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, HPV and even HIV (though the risk is lower) can be transmitted through oral sex and the results can often be pretty nasty with symptoms including but not limited to painful sores, tonsillitis and whitish or yellow discharge. As with most STIs though, they can also often be symptomless and can spread throughout the body without your knowledge.

What can you do about it?

The best sure-fire way to avoid getting an STI from oral sex is to make sure both you and your partner have regular check-ups and are STI free; no STIs, no transition! Realistically though you can’t always be sure that your partner has been recently tested so using condoms (male or female) and dental dams are essential so you’re certain you’re staying safe. Oh and while we’re at it, brushing your teeth after oral won’t prevent STI’s, much like brushing your penis or vagina after sex will do nothing other than probably hurt quite a bit.

What actually is a dental dam?

A dental dam is basically just a square of latex or polyurethane (soft plastic) that you can use to cover the vagina or anus when performing oral sex to act as a barrier to STIs. Since the plastic is very thin and flexible this won’t reduce the amount of pleasure you can get from oral sex but will ensure you’re being safe. You can get dental dams online or from your local sexual health clinic and, failing that, you can actually just make them by cutting open a condom into a flat square (but be careful doing this, it’s best to get a proper one if you can).

What do you do if you think you might have an STI?

If you’ve had unprotected oral (or otherwise) sex with someone and you’re not sure if they were STI free then you should get checked right away. Your local sexual health clinic is completely free, they won’t judge you and it’s actually a pretty straightforward process, so don’t be afraid! Even if you think you’re being safe, regular testing is a must, just to be sure ya know.

How To Own Your Embarrassing Sex Moments

Movies, TV, magazines and, of course, porn are constantly presenting us with what sex should be like and how we should behave. However, the reality of sex is that it’s different for everyone and quite often, things happen that maybe aren’t quite so flattering. We’re here to tell you that if it’s happened to you, it’s happened to somebody else and you should just own every aspect of your sex life, embrace the embarrassing stuff and don’t be afraid to have a little fun! Here are a few of the embarrassing things this week’s Sex Pod-ers wanted to know about and what to do about them:


This week on Sex Pod, Lucia and Alex wanted to know all about the ultimate atmosphere killer, the queef. For those of you who don’t know what a queef is, get ready to giggle like a schoolchild because, that’s right, it’s a fanny-fart. If you’re thrusting a penis, sex toy or whatever else you happen to be doing into a vagina over and over again, you’re bound to force some air in there with it too right? That’s all a queef is, a build-up of air being pushed into the vagina which has to eventually release itself through nature’s funniest sound.

Unlike real farts, it’s just air (real farts contain bacteria and, let’s face it, smell) and queefing is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to everyone. Best to just have a little giggle and then get right back too it.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is often a lot less amusing than the good old queef. Finishing too early can be demoralising for a guy and disappointing for their partner but, it happens. Whether it’s because it’s been a while or just because you’re were having too much of a great time, most men will experience this at some point in their lives and if it’s not dealt with properly, it can lead to further worrying and lack of confidence in the bedroom. The best thing to do is to just apologise, chalk this up as a bad one and come (no pun intended) back to it later. As Sex Pod advised, maybe just have a quick snack then try again.

If it keeps happening though this might be an indication of a bigger problem and you should talk to your doctor, who’ll be happy to advise!

Faking orgasm

Another not-so-hot topic from this week’s show, 55% of Pod-ers said that at some point they had faked an orgasm. Virtually the exact opposite of premature ejaculation, this can be just as frustrating in the bedroom, especially for women who can’t always achieve orgasm (men almost always can, lucky buggers). If you’re not enjoying the sex, it can be embarrassing for both people to say so, so often women (and sometimes men, but this is a bit trickier) will fake it just to end the sex.

We know it can be embarrassing, but if your partner isn’t doing it for you, let them know what you’d prefer. If there’s something you like, be confident and tell them what it is! There’s nothing sexier than confidence in the bedroom and if you tell them, you’ll probably both have a way better time!

Talking about safe-sex

If you’re about to get down to it and the guy hasn’t mentioned condoms yet, don’t be afraid to bring it up! It’s not just down to dudes to provide the condom, it takes two to tango. You should never just go through with it anyway, as you’ll be putting yourself at risk of all manner of nasty STIs.

If you’re worried about what they might think if you demand a condom, never fear. If they’re not willing to be safe then they don’t deserve to have sex with you anyway! Plus, they’ll probably be fine with it, because safe sex is good sex!

Getting tested

While we’re at it, this isn’t really an embarrassment in the bedroom, more after. If you’re worried you might have contracted an STI, going to the clinic can be embarrassing. You might be worried that people will see you and judge you, or just that the whole experience will be super-awks.

Getting tested doesn’t mean you’ve been sleeping around (plus who cares if you have!?) it just means that you’re being sensible and looking after your health, nothing wrong with that! As for the testing itself, we guarantee that the people at the clinic will be lovely and make sure the whole thing runs smoothly. Plus, the alternative to not going is way worse than anything that can happen if you go!

Hope that helps! Just remember, no matter what happens, just be confident and proud of your body and you’ll never be embarrassed again.