Tessa Chapman

/ 22 August 2016

Tessa has been Chief Correspondent for 5 News since July 2011, covering breaking domestic and international stories.

Her first assignment was in Libya where she reported on the liberation of Tripoli and the hunt for Colonel Gaddafi. She broadcast live from inside Gaza during the 2012 conflict with Israel, and filmed with Syrian refugees as they fled across the Jordanian border. Tessa covered the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster, the trial of Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, and the manhunt for the Boston marathon bombers.

She also travelled to America in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting to investigate the country’s gun culture. In 2013 her series of reports on child abuse images was nominated for an RTS award.

Before 5 News Tessa worked as a correspondent at Sky News and ITV Granada. She started her career in local radio in Manchester, where she was sent to interview the Prime Minister Tony Blair on her first day.

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