Emma Westcott – Commissioning Editor, Factual

Emma Westcott, Commissiong EditorI am looking for:

  • Broad, robust documentary series for 9pm with clear irresistible proposition and intelligence at its heart, e.g. Shoplifters and Proud, Store Detectives
  • Returnable 8pm series, some access or lightly formatted in broad subject areas that reflect who we are and how we live, e.g. Cowboy Builders, Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun, The Railway: First Great Western, Benidorm ER
  • 10pm entertaining documentary series or one-offs, e.g. Hens Behaving Badly
  • Schedule stunts with fast turnaround news documentaries, e.g. Philpott Housefire, The Ohio Slave Girls



Greg Barnett – Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment

Greg Barnett, Commissioning EditorI am looking for:

  • Younger skewing entertaining ideas for the 10pm slot. Not necessarily studio based or your typical “shiny floor” show and not necessarily long runs. Could be an observational documentary or a soft format. Celebrity Wedding Planner, The Bachelor and Celebrity Super-Spa have all performed well in this slot.
  • Shared viewing series ideas with broad appeal for 8pm. What are the current talked-about territories we are not covering? Is there a specialist or expert, or just a good soft format that’s so reliant on its casting that it feels consistently fresh?
  • A witty and intelligent talent-led passion project for 9pm.
  • A returnable series with broad appeal for 9pm weeknights.
  • A new male skewing factual entertainment proposition for weeknights at 8pm.



Michelle Chappell – Commissioning Editor, Factual, News & Current Affairs

Michelle Chappell, Commissioning EditorI am looking for:

  • Talk about TV – e.g. On Benefits and Proud
  • Edgy, topical stand out documentaries
  • Bold new factual formats for 2015 – content rather than talent led – e.g. Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away
  • Live factual programmes on location – territories with natural jeopardy which could work live
  • Observational documentary series for 8pm – unique access docs with great characters and humour e.g. Gibraltar: A Little Britain, Benidorm ER.
  • New ideas in emergency formats – Channel 5 owns the emergency observational documentary e.g. Police Interceptors, Emergency Bikers, Benidorm ER, so how can we move on this genre and offer viewers exciting new areas with clear propositions?
  • One-off documentaries – incredible, gobsmacking stories that must be told and which could form the basis of seasons or stripped events – e.g. Help! I’m 16 but look 60, She’s 78, He’s 39: Age Gap Love
  • Access – unique and hard fought access in subject areas with universal appeal such as family, education, crime and punishment, e.g. Too Tough To Teach, Inside Broadmoor
  • High-energy popular factual e.g. World’s Scariest Plane Landings
  • Ideas with user-generated / caught on camera angles – e.g. Angry Brits, Caught on Camera, World’s Worst…
  • Crime – new ways to modernise the crime genre e.g. Killers Behind Bars or different areas of crime to explore.
  • Exclusive access for topical documentaries e.g. Amy Winehouse: The Untold Story
  • Younger-skewing popular factual for 9 and 10pm e.g. Botched Up Bodies



Guy Davies – Commissioning Editor, Factual

Guy Davies, Commissioning EditorI am looking for:

  • 8pm: popular returnable documentary series in Channel 5 heartland areas. A new take, grabby titles and characters our audience will recognise and identify with, such as Eddie Stobart: Trucks, Trains and Planes and Police Interceptors. So where next?
  • 9pm: contemporary documentary series that re-invent familiar territories, such as law and order, crime, medical; connecting to our audience and their lives seen through a Channel 5 lens with a popular intelligence and depth e.g. Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away, the ‘…and Proud’ series.
  • 9pm: pop-documentary singles and series with big ratings potential. The best human interest stories with wild characters and strong storytelling, e.g. Holiday Love Rats Exposed, She’s 78. He’s 39: Age Gap Love.
  • Smart 8pm mini-series homing in on issues and stories in the air e.g. Britain’s Worst Roads and one-off topical popular journalism, such as The Truth About Your Dog’s Food.
  • 10pm intelligent, controversial series ideas with instant audience grab to play into or around Big Brother: e.g. Autopsy. The Last Days Of…
  • Live observational-led popular documentary events which could play nightly. Where can we take cameras or rig to make the channel feel alive? And live events which make a topical noise: e.g. The Big Benefits Row Live.



Ninder Billing – Commissioning Editor, Factual

Ninder Billing, Commissioning EditorI am looking for:

  • Mainstream, accessible, universal, popular series and one-off ideas that are contemporary in approach. The treatment of the subject as well as the territory must talk to the Channel 5 audience in an intelligent way.
  • What are the other precincts that have a dramatic entry point from which new narratives can unfold, as in GPs: Behind Closed Doors and Can’t Pay ? We’ll Take it Away. Who gives us access into extreme worlds on our doorsteps in the way that Eammon & Ruth (How the Other Half Lives), Ben Fogle (New Lives in the Wild) or Alan Davies (Dog Rescuers) do?
  • We are unashamedly tabloid but also warm and entertaining in our popular factual output. I am keen to see ideas that are creative and ambitious but still feel straight-forward and accessible.
  • Always open to ideas that are spirited, perhaps a bit cheeky and have a sense of fun.



Lucy Willis – Commissioning Editor, Factual

Lucy Willis, Commissioning EditorI am looking for:

  • Observational or lightly-formatted series made with style and intelligence but with broad appeal, e.g.  ‘Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away’ and ‘Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild’. Entertaining and compelling series ideas that will stand out in the schedule, e.g. ‘10,000 BC’.
    Event pieces which could be stripped across the week.
  • For 8pm I’m looking for popular returnable factual ideas – ‘GP’s: Behind Closed Doors’ is working really well for us here.
    I’d also like observational documentary series with strong story lines and big characters and humour is always good.
    And a male skewing returnable.
  • At 9pm I’m interested in ‘intelligent tabloid’ series ideas – ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’ is a good example.
    I’m also looking for observational access to popular institutions and companies.
    Presenter-led journey films, that could take us into the world of popular history.



Sean Doyle – Commissioning Editor

Sean Doyle, Commissioning EditorI am looking for:

  • For Channel 5 I am looking for ambitious, brave and talked about series ideas that jump out from the schedule ideally for 8pm and 9pm Monday – Thursday.
  • If ideas are in a territory that has already been explored by Channel 5 then what is the innovative twist or concept on how we tell the story?
  • Intriguing and compelling one-off documentaries that provoke a reaction, whether they are individual character driven pieces or access pieces set in a world that provokes genuine intrigue.
  • For 5STAR, I’m actively seeking young skewing formats. Ideas can be brash, bold or transformative, but ultimately exciting and must have closed narrative stories in each episode.