Emma Westcott – Commissioning Editor, Factual

Emma Westcott, Commissiong EditorI am looking for:

  • Broad, robust documentary series for 9pm with clear irresistible proposition and intelligence at its heart, e.g. Shoplifters and Proud, Store Detectives
  • Returnable 8pm series, some access or lightly formatted in broad subject areas that reflect who we are and how we live, e.g. Cowboy Builders, Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun, The Railway: First Great Western, Benidorm ER
  • 10pm entertaining documentary series or one-offs, e.g. Hens Behaving Badly
  • Schedule stunts with fast turnaround news documentaries, e.g. Philpott Housefire, The Ohio Slave Girls



Greg Barnett – Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment

Greg Barnett, Commissioning EditorI am looking for:

  • Younger skewing entertaining ideas for the 10pm slot. Not necessarily studio based or your typical “shiny floor” show and not necessarily long runs. Could be an observational documentary or a soft format. Celebrity Wedding Planner, The Bachelor and Celebrity Super-Spa have all performed well in this slot.
  • Shared viewing series ideas with broad appeal for 8pm. What are the current talked-about territories we are not covering? Is there a specialist or expert, or just a good soft format that’s so reliant on its casting that it feels consistently fresh?
  • A witty and intelligent talent-led passion project for 9pm.
  • A returnable series with broad appeal for 9pm weeknights.
  • A new male skewing factual entertainment proposition for weeknights at 8pm.


Guy Davies – Commissioning Editor, Factual

Guy Davies, Commissioning EditorI am looking for:

  • 8pm: popular returnable documentary series in Channel 5 heartland areas. We have a number of strong, straightforward hits at present which hit our audience right between the eyes and dependably rate over a million e.g. ‘Yorkshire Vet’, ‘Traffic Cops’, ‘GPs: Behind Closed Doors’. So what are the new areas which have characters our audience will recognise and identify with, and which are broad in appeal to set up a strong evening’s viewing?
  • 9pm: formats with real purpose and returnabilty. Tone needs to be more life affirming and key in to current concerns e.g. ‘Rich House, Poor House’, which found a highly successful way of exploring the wealth divide, class and happiness; or ‘The Great British Benefits Handout’ which rolled on the benefits genre into a ‘golden ticket’ experience changing lives for the better.
    • Reputational one-offs (90’or 60′ slots) which reinforce our commitment with first class talent to ‘state of the nation’ documentary and could fall within our new ‘Modern Britain’ occasional strand. Recent successes here include ‘The Accused’ and ‘Slum Britain: 50 Years On’.
    • Popular observational documentary series with big ratings potential that re-invent familiar territories, such as law and order, crime, medical, transport; connecting to our audience and their lives seen through a Channel 5 lens such as ‘Inside King’s Cross: The Railway’, ‘The Tube: Going Underground’, and ‘Squaddies at 16: Raw Recruits’.
    • Presenter-led series which allows us to explore big ideas and new territories in a Channel 5 way such as ‘Secrets Of The National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh’ or Ruth and Eamonn’s upcoming series on marriage.
    • ABC1 treats, mainly for Fridays such as ‘Britain’s Greatest Bridges’ and urban explorer-style history series ‘Inside The Tube: Going Underground’ and ‘Michael Portillo’s Abandoned Britain’.
  • 10pm: intelligent, controversial and innovative series ideas which can punch above their weight in terms of noise, reputation and ratings – both for young skewing and ABC1s  e.g. ‘Gangland’, ‘Inside The Sex Business’ as well as true-life crime focusing on big stories interpreted for our audience such as ‘Fritzl: What Happened Next’ and ‘Soham Revisited 15 Years On’. And younger appealing returning series like ‘One Night With My Ex’ which entertainingly explored a well-established theme in a new and contemporary way.

Lucy Willis – Commissioning Editor, Factual

Lucy Willis, Commissioning Editor

I commission in a range of areas, from specialist factual to documentary, popular documentary to light formats. I am looking for:

  • In history, I’m looking for popular ideas with a unique take, fresh insight and a compelling approach e.g. ‘Elizabeth I’.   I’m also looking for some strong reputational history series on broad subjects and event pieces which could be stripped across the week.
  • At 9pm, I’m interested in observational documentaries and lightly-formatted series made with style and intelligence but with broad appeal e.g. ‘Rich House, Poor House’, which has been a recent success for us and ‘The Hotel Inspector’. I’m also very interested in docs with strong storytelling e.g. ‘Inside Scientology’, and ‘Escaping the Witnesses’.

I’m always on the lookout for access to popular institutions and companies that will resonate with our audience e.g. our recent series on ‘The Tube: Going Underground’.

  • For 8pm I’m looking for warm or funny (or both) popular returnable factual ideas – like ‘The Yorkshire Vet’ and ‘Celebrity Carry on Barging’.


Adrian Padmore – Commissioning Editor

I am looking for:

  • Access-led or softly formatted 8pm series with universal appeal which have the potential to become popular returnable brands.
  • Enjoyable popular-factual series for 8pm and 9pm with warmth, humour and loveable characters. A real treat for the channel which might also showcase established talent. Upmarket thoughts are welcome.
  • Ambitious 9pm observational documentary series that offer a unique view of modern Britain. Surprising characters, clever storylines and territories that feel connected to the way we really live today.
  • Returning 9pm factual or documentary series. Intelligent and compelling ideas with an unmistakable proposition.
  • Upmarket entertaining factual ideas for 10pm with a populist tone.