How long does it take for a programme to appear on Demand 5 after it has been broadcast?

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We aim to make programmes available online at the same time as they are broadcast on TV - as long as we have the rights.

For some programmes, for example live broadcast shows such as Big Brother, The Wright Stuff and Cricket, this is not possible due to the need to wait for the programme to finish recording and then prepare it for online publication. Live programmes will be published approximately four hours after they have been broadcast on TV.

In other cases preparing and publishing programmes for online broadcast can sometimes be delayed due to technical complications, such as digital network traffic congestion or the need for some of our programmes to be adapted specifically for online publishing.

If a programme is not published on or shortly after the scheduled broadcast time, please be patient: we will be working hard to post it online for viewing.

For more information on what programmes are available and when, click here.