Why can’t I find the programme I want to watch?

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Unfortunately not all programmes that are broadcast on Channel 5, 5* and 5USA are available on the Demand 5 service. We have to acquire specific on-demand rights to use programmes on the Demand 5 video player. Only programmes that we have these rights to are available.

For some shows, you can only watch programmes for a limited period of time. These are often programmes from overseas or ones involving sports clips or musical performances.

In addition, we may not have the on-demand rights for older programmes, as we would have acquired these before the Demand 5 service was available.

Where we do have rights typically a programme becomes available online at the same time as it is broadcast on TV. However for some programmes, for example live broadcast shows such as Big Brother and The Wright Stuff or Cricket, where play finishes close to broadcast, episodes are available later.

We are adding programmes to the service all the time. So if your favourite show or programme isn't available please don't give up. Keep checking back and hopefully it will become available for you to watch in future.