As a nation we're getting married later and later, so much so the average bride is now 30-years-old. But bucking this trend at the other end of the spectrum are the child bride-zillas - the teenage girls getting married as young as 17! So in this compelling film, we're going to follow the stories of 3 Baby Faced Brides as they gear up to their big day. The girls we cast will be BIG characters, planning very different but equally WILD weddings and we'll intercut their journeys in the run up to their nuptials. Getting married is a nerve racking time for any blushing bride - but when you're a hormonal teen barely out of childhood, it's a whole different ball game. As we talk to families, friends, and of course husbands-to-be, we'll find out what they really think of the wedding. And from the church to the dress, the favours to the food, the reception to the honeymoon - and even the hen night - our cameras will be on the shoulders of our girls every step of the way to capture every argument, disaster and meltdown in the run up to getting hitched. As the big day arrives we'll be right there experiencing every emotion as they don dresses and veils, totter down the aisle and say I DO. But we won't end there - we'll re-visit post-honeymoon to see how our girls are adjusting to married life: is being a MRS all it's cracked up to be? Or does life as a wife seem dull now the glamour of their wedding is rapidly becoming a distant memory? Get ready for tantrums and tiaras as 3 very different baby-faced brides plan the weddings of an up until now, very short lifetime.