Alexander Grady, a widower and father of a five-year-old son, Walter, is chosen to represent the United States of America in an international taekwondo tournament against Team Korea. Also chosen for the team is Tommy Lee, a man seeking revenge against a member of Team Korea for the death of his brother during a previous tournament. The rest of Team USA consists of Travis Brickley, an extremely brash fighter with a short fuse; Virgil Keller, a devout Buddhist; and Sonny Grasso, a streetwise fighter from Detroit. Coached by Frank Couzo (who was also the coach of Tommy's older brother) and Catherine Wade, the team prepares to meet an unstoppable group of true martial arts experts. Their chances of winning are virtually non-existent, as the Koreans train all year long and are known as the best the sport has to offer. Along their journey, the Americans have to deal with their personal conflicts and tragedies, before they become a team. When the tournament starts, Keller and Grasso are out classed by their Korean opponents. Travis does his best to psyche up the team with his brash attitude leading to a sudden death breaking duel with his opponent. Couzo invites Grady's family to motivate him to win; however, he is severely injured during his bout. Instead of giving up, he decides to fight with one arm; ultimately, defeating his opponent. Finally, Tommy faces the captain of the Korean team, Dae Han, the man responsible for the death of his brother. With time running out in their grueling battle, Tommy has a decision to make: seek vengeance and victory for his team or lose with honor.