Bordertown Cafe centres on the relationship between Jimmy, 17, and his divorced mother Marlene. Marlene, owner of a nostalgic cafe on the prairie, divides her time between rekindling the romance between her parents and turning down her boyfriend's daily marriage proposals. Filled with quirky and charming characters, life at the cafe is wonderfully exciting, wildly entertaining, and sometimes downright chaotic. But while his friends envy his eccentric lifestyle, Jimmy dreams of a life behind a white picket fence. His mother's attachment to the past and her reluctance to move on, severely strain their relationship. Jimmy's wishes come true when his father remarries to a no-nonsence woman and asks Jimmy to join him in his new life. The stability Jimmy has been yearning for is suddenly at his fingertips. Still, Jimmy feels unexpectedly torn. Marlene, devastated with the news, finally finds herself reaching out to Jimmy.