1,200 pupils. 150 staff. 60 languages. 8 makeshift classrooms. Welcome to Britain's Biggest Primary School. Over 60 different languages are spoken in the school where 150 members of staff face the mammoth task of teaching, feeding and managing the welfare of 1,200 pupils. Despite the high turnover of pupils resulting in nearly half of every class leaving before the end of term, the school is still bursting at the seams. Walking down the corridors, it all seems calm - until you look beneath the surface. Set in one of Britain's most deprived areas, Gascoigne Primary School in Barking is home to a challenging mix of pupils ranging in age from 3-11. Over the course of one school year, this access-led series will follow the compelling stories in and out of the classroom, accessing the pupils, parents, teachers as well as the support staff that deal with the day-to-day chaos and drama of managing over 1000 pupils. The stories covered will reflect issues in modern, changing Britain.