Set on a mythical Canadian fishing island, Solomon Gundy, the story revolves around the furore that results when the central government in Ottawa declares the small village must cease all fishing activities to comply with a national cutback. To the bureaucrats in the capital the tiny population is inconsequential, politically impotent and unlikely to make a significant stink to upset their legislative apple cart. But Solomon Gundy's residents have not thrived on their hard shores for centuries of being weak of will: their countercultural, brainy mayor-minister-miniature golf entrepreneur discovers an addendum to the Treaty of Utrecht which stipulates that Solomon Gundy can disengage from the British Empire at its will. Rather than stringing up the prime minister's portly lawyer, the townsfolk buy a Soviet sub that has drifted up on its shores - its cre having deserted due to an alcohol-induced systems malfuntion - and aim it at Canada's Wonderland. To put the screws on Ottawa even tighter, they also aim at Mount Rushmore and George Washington's nose which gets the attention of the White House ...//