Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione restore shameful rust buckets to their former ‘classic car’ glory in this new six-part series. In a TV first, viewers will also get the opportunity to win the restored classic car at the end of each episode by entering weekly competitions!The fiery duo will restore a Jaguar E-Type, a Mini Cooper, a Cadillac, a Ford Mustang, a Porsche 911 and an MGB Roadster. Working to a tight deadline and an even tighter budget, they scour scrapyards, wasteland and backyards to find bargain wrecks with great potential. Having found the cars, they then need to source the rare, original parts and piece together the vital organs of these sleeping beasts to re-create their classic beauty. But will the job be good enough to impress an expert valuer and put a glittering price tag on the gleaming bonnet? Sparks and spanners fly as Bernie and Mario meet designers, engineers, owners and lovers of these magnificent cars and discuss why these models turned dreams into reality, how they introduced new technology and why they were such a success.After hard work, some late-nights and last-minute sorties for spare parts, the day arrives for the official presentation and viewers can finally see why these cars became such classics.