Inside the community of morbidly obese people who are determined to be as fat as possible. Society views very fat people as figures of fun, and sneers at their size. But a tiny minority of obese people really want to be as fat as possible. They have super-sized ambitions to weigh 60 stone plus. They call themselves "gainers", or SSBBW's (super sized big beautiful women). Our controversial and provocative observational documentary looks inside this unique world and follows three larger than life women as they go about their extraordinary lives. Far from pitying themselves, "gainers" celebrate their size. Some even earn money from it, and feel their huge size is a major part of their identity. Are they liberating themselves, or just fooling themselves? Because of the level of derision and discrimination towards the obese, theirs is an underground subculture. However, a few gainers break cover and court publicity, seeking fame and notoriety. In this hour we will meet our three contributors in their home environments and going about their everyday yet extraordinary lives - such as weighing themselves (hoping to be heavier), and their super sized supermarket shop. Their lives are full of conflict, and we'll see how they deal with pressure. From members of the public hurling insults to family telling them off, our cameras will witness how tough life can be as a morbidly obese woman. But these women are determined to embrace their amazing size, and we will see how they build huge fan bases on line, attend special SSBBW conferences and enjoy attention from the world's media. We'll be alongside for a SSBBW wedding, we'll see the launch of a big modeling career and discover the stresses of running a club just for big women. But all that eating and lack of mobility does lead to severe health issues. We'll see our SSBBW's attending medical appointments and will be alongside as doctors reveal the worrying impact of a larger than life diet on these women. Will they change tack and diet to save their health? Or will they carry on in their goal to hit 60 stone on the scales?