The writer and college professor of mythology Erica and her pediatrician sister Heather are twin sisters and closely connected since they were children. Erica's daughter, Sarah, and Heather's son, David, are close as siblings. However, when David is hit by a car and dies in a silly accident, Sarah has premonitions and claims that she still talks and plays with her cousin. Meanwhile Erica finds that she is pregnant and need to rest and Heather is informed that she can not have a baby anymore. Erica travels to a cottage by a lake and is told by her maid, Rosie, that the spirit of David does not realize that he abruptly died - and is waiting for the chance to reborn. But Erica does not believe in her words and sends Rosie back home, staying in the house with Sarah and Heather. When the spirit of David is aggressive with Sarah, Erica calls Rosie to help her