This documentary explores how Adolf Hitler’s wartime strategists planned to launch attacks on the USA. The most daring of these plans involved German fighter planes crashing into Manhattan's skyscrapers as living bombs in an attempt to psychologically destabilise the American superpower.Aware of skyscrapers’ enormous symbolic significance, Hitler was convinced that suicide bombing would have a devastating impact on American morale. With this plan, the Nazi regime hoped to turn the tide of the war. Contemporary witnesses, archive material and original plans show how this deadly fantasy and its monstrous product, the ‘Amerika Bomber’, became a collective and indiscriminate desire for destruction.In 1937, Hitler was preparing for what became the Second World War by exploring possible tactics. InAugsburg at the huge aircraft factory, Hitler was shown around by owner Willy Messerschmitt, who revealed to the Führer plans for new aircraft, including a mock-up of a huge long-range bomber with the potential to attack America.