Maggie Sutter is an indomitable mother dedicated to proving her son Eric did not commit the rape of which he is convicted. Maggie and her boyfriend, David, are about to leave without Eric for a dinner reservation one evening when he arrives, out of breath. Later that same night, neighbour Joann Brodsky is brutally attacked and raped in her home by a teenager whom she identifies as Eric. Despite having dinner in a restaurant with his mother and David at the time of the attack, there is a period during which Eric - known as a brooding teenager prone to disappearing without revealing his whereabouts - has no alibi. The next day he is arrested at school, handcuffed, and taken for questioning. Although he is later released, the DA, Niles Brokaw, is determined to prosecute for political reasons. Maggie finds her son a lawyer, and they prepare for trial. But to Maggie's dismay, her son is found guilty and sent to prison. Eric, dumbfounded and disheartened, blames his mother for not agreeing to let him agree to a plea bargain that would have kept him out of prison. But Maggie, still convinced of Eric's innocence, is sure that a better lawyer can win her son's freedom. She hires Dan Pendleton, a dynamo of an attorney who helps Maggie understand that now she must prove her son is innocent. just as her own courage begins to falter, Maggie uncovers the evidence she needs to exonerate Eric and bring him home.