Seemingly driven by unexplainable nightmares of a violent murder, Drew Summers (Candace Cameron Bure) mysteriously arrives in the small town of Steveston on the first anniversary of the death of Laura Fairgate - a young woman who died with her boyfriend, Ted, in a murder/suicide that shocked the town. Ray Ordwell (Denis Amdt), Laura's stepfather, delivers a speech at the riverfront in her honor. Laura's mother, Julie Ordwell (Teri Garr), who is recovering from injuries she suffered in a car accident just days after her daughter's death. Just then, Drew approaches the stage in a trance-like state where she is met by Julie can?t believe her eyes. To the astoinishment and disbelief of the bystanders, Drew announces that she is Laura. Everyone has something invested in finding out Drew's true identity and the purpose of her presence in town. julie wants desperately to believe that Drew, who looks and sounds so much like her dead daughter, is possessed by her daughter's soul and is searching for the truth behind the murder. The townspeople, who want to put the memory of this tragedy behind them, believe Drew is putting on an act for reasons yet unknown. Charles Pendelton a reporter for the town's newspaper, thinks the Drew/Laura-back-from-the-dead story just might be the "big one" he's been looking for to catapult him and his career to places beyond the small town of Steveston. Drew questions her own sanity as she confronts a conspiracy of silence from the Steveston students and the town sheriff, R.J. Turnage. Things become more complicated as residents recall the night the vivid images Drew sees begin to reveal key pieces of information surrounding the circumstances of Laura and Ted's murder/suicide. All the while, the killer tries to silence Drew and her Laura-like image for good. The only one who really knows what happened that night is Laura, whose spirit in fact helps Drew track down the murderer.