After losing their young daughter in a tragic car accident, Chris Hytner (Adam LeFevre, You Can Count On Me ) and Virginia Hytner (Emmy-winner Valerie Mahaffey, Northern Exposure, ER ) put their trust and future in the hands of Dr. Amanda Gordon (Mary Beth Hurt, The Family Man ) of the Center for Reproductive Medicine. What Dr. Gordon suggests puts the future of her own career in jeopardy. Already over 40, Virginia?s only real chance for an uncomplicated pregnancy is to try something never before attempted: the cloning of their deceased daughter. Successfully accomplished, the next step is to keep this highly explosive experiment from the press. When word leaks out to Linda Darrow (Emmy and Golden Globe-nominee Bridget Fonda, Kiss of the Dragon ), a small-time reporter looking for a big-time story, the Hytners are driven underground, and plunging the Center into a nationwide storm of controversy. Darrow still needs her exclusive ? to find the Hytners and force them out of hiding. But as she infiltrates herself into the secret lives of the expectant parents, she discovers more than a news story. Now, as the world watches, a couple?s extraordinary courage is put to the test, the safe future of their unborn child is compromised, and the final outcome to the headline-making bombshell will have repercussions no one could have anticipated.