On his wedding day, Prince John commits a romantic indiscretion and is "frogged". He is cursed by turning him into a frog for eternity unless a woman kisses him and marries him. For good measure, his squire Rodney is also frogged. Moving forward 500 years, the Prince and Rodney, in the form of frogs, find themselves in New York's Central Park, where the Prince sees Kate driving her horse-drawn carriage and falls in love with her. However, the actress Margo impetuously picks up the Prince-frog and kisses him, breaking the curse until the next full moon, and turning the Prince and Rodney into their true human selves (although dressed very oddly). Prince John and Rodney begin their search for the woman who kissed John, with the help of Kate. When the Prince in human form finally meets Margo, while performing Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", she decides to make her unfaithful lover, Hamish, jealous by initiating a romantic tryst. The Prince, realizing that he must marry Margo in order to permanently break the curse, proposes marriage. Meanwhile, Rodney finds in Serena a fellow "wizard" and they try to find potions that will break the curse. In the end, the three couples manage to find themselves with the right person, the curse is forever broken by true love, and all marry to live happily ever after.