Ron Pennis Boutsikarls) and Debbie Plotkin (Markie Post) plan a fortieth birthday trip to go hiking in Nepal, leaving their children at home with Debble's mother and step-father. When Debble's mother, judy, expresses concern about the dangerous nature of this adventure, Debble reassures her that they will be hiking well below the snowline, not scaling Mount Everest. In fact, it seems that nothing bad could happen in the majestically rustic setting that welcomes the couple as they arrive at the base camp of Lukla. Other tourists, repeat visitors to these arts, comment that it is the perfect time of year for such a trek. Like p small groups from England, Germany and japan whom they meet at the base camp, Ron and Debble set out with a group of sherpa guides to explore the region. Ron and Debble's group are well out of the base camp when an unseasonal typhoon blows through, bringing with it a massive snow fall. Awakened in the night by their guides who have heard avalanches up the mountain, they attempt to make their way through a six-foot fall of snow to get back to the base camp. In a nerve-racking story of courage and survival, Ron and Debble fight for their lives, driven by thoughts of their family back home. When an avalanche barely misses theni, burying several of their sherpa guides and leaving the others in shock, Ron and Debbie heroically locate and rescue the men, digging them out of the heavy snow. This is the harrowing story of how a determined couple, along with a group of fellow Americans and their native guides repeatedly cheat death on the mountain.