Genie Francis, though perhaps best known for her successful run as a wee lass on General Hospital in the 1980s, is a gem of a dramatic actress, and the Hallmark TV movies based on Angela Hunt?s The Note novels are a testament to this. Francis is easy in her skin, which makes her disappear into any character, and this is a key reason why The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love is, like its predecessor, so incredibly engaging. Francis again plays reporter Peyton MacGruder, a woman trained to observe and be in tune with minute details, except where her own heart is concerned. A note from a reader warns about the heartbreak of the romantic road not taken, and as Peyton investigates the mystery behind the note, her own romantic possibilities lie yet undiscovered. Francis has easy chemistry with her costar, Ted McGinley, whose character, King, tries to give Peyton the room she needs to discover how--or whether--to take the next steps in their relationship. McGinley is hunky yet believable, and he?s patient, though his patience can be strained. The reward of The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love is the genuineness of the cast and their interaction. Life, and love, must be grabbed. Extras include winning interviews with Francis and McGinley talking about their characters, a peek at the mother-daughter relationship (with Katie Boland's Christine), and the history of novelist Angela Hunt's magical The Note, which inspired the series.