Kylie Shines (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a rarity in the race car world - shes got beauty and brains matched only by the male-oriented race-track. She's also a legacy - the child of legendary Al Shines (Billy Campbell) - and everyone knows shes a star on the rise. The only person who hasn't acknowledged it - Al Shines. Estranged since the death of Kylie's mom, they're both too stubborn to get past their shared pain and competitive natures. The fact that her talent is as big as the chip on her shoulder becomes crystal clear when Al's dropped from his team after one too many crashes, and Kylie eagerly takes his spot. Manipulated by the team's charismatic owner, Kylie starts dreaming big. But is she really ready for the big league? Al thinks shes not. Kylie desperately needs to prove him wrong and is blinded by the past to the point where she may be jeopardizing her future. Settling in with her new team and brutal training regimen, Kylie is supported by her local mechanic, Jake (Tommy Lioutas), whos harbored a crush on her ever since they were kids. But its not Jake Kylie turns to in the off-hours. It's Kid Walker (Drew Fuller), the rock star of the racing circuit, who scores off the track as much as on. Kid gets what he wants, and right now he wants one thing: sexy, fresh, press-friendly, Kylie Shines. Their affair is smoking hot, as they compete on the track by day, and hang out by night. Jake's heart is broken, but he stands by his girl, even as she ignores his concerns about Kid - and about her performance behind the wheel. The team's owner sees a goldmine, not only in Kylie, but in the Kid-Kylie relationship, and he opens the floodgates to a marketing firestorm, just the kind of attention Kylie has been craving for all her life. Its no surprise when daddy Al steps in. He's opposed to the exploitation of his little girl and concerned that the team is spending more time on her hair and makeup than in making her a better racer in an incredibly dangerous sport. Kylie won't hear Al's protests - and Al does the one thing that will get Kylie's attention. He agrees to a genuis marketing gimmick - "The Race of the Generations: Women vs. Man, Youth vs. Experience, Legend vs. Superstar, Father vs. Daughter." He'll face his daughter and her boyfriend in a one time only three-way race for bragging rights. As the three drivers head towards the historic race, the stakes are high. This is a crucial moment for Kylie, and a chance to prove herself. All her dreams have led her to this moment. Yet racing against the two men she loves - can there really be a victory?