Encephalitis is a potentially fatal brain condition and one of its side-effects is severe amnesia. 4000 Britons are diagnosed with encephalitis every year and the very young and very old are particularly vulnerable. We may normally associate memory loss with older people, but around the UK scores of teens are battling with the disease. This observational film follows 3 or 4 teenage amnesiacs as they attend a unique camp run by the Encephalitis Society in 2013. Two of the teenage amnesiacs we hope to follow are Hannah Read and Sam Bullen. Hannah contracted encephalitis when she was just 8 and as a result has 'prosopragnosia' or face blindness, which means she can't recognise even her closest family. It's hard to imagine being unable to recognise even your friends let alone your own Mum and Dad, but it's an issue Hannah wakes up to every single day. Encephalitis has left 13 year old Sam Bullen with a memory which only lasts a few hours. When asked to go upstairs and fetch something, he'll often forget completely within seconds and sometimes doesn't even remember to take his clothes off before getting into the bath. It makes life a struggle but perhaps even worse for Sam it makes life embarrassing, where every minute he feels people are watching him to see if he's going to forget something. In the run up to the camp, we'll witness our young amnesiacs in their day-to-day lives; seeing the huge everyday challenges they and their families face.