This movie is a family story about how a daughter-in-law withstands the pressure from her husband's parents, especially her father-in-law, who don't like them living in their house.They actually go there for a vacation, and once there Elene (Marie-Louise Parker) bumps into her high-school boyfriend who is a sheriff. Her husband, a jobless painter, however, is a man with no confidence in himself who eventually loses the respect of his children and his father. Then he loses patience with his family and tries to impress his wife. He goes to get her a gift and has a short relationship with a store girl while buying sexy lingerie. Meanhwhile, Elene visits her ex-flame one night to tell him about her problems. She then eventually ends up having a one-night stand, putting the two on an equal footing.The story ends when Elene's mother-in-law dies of an illness and they decide to go back home, cutting short their strange vacation.