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  • Michael Dennis Stagg BScWales MSc Hydrology

    2 years ago

    Michael Dennis Stagg BScWales MSc Hydrology

    Children playing, we took ours to Burford Wildlife, it was clean and large, obviously animals such as rhino' in open enclosure and she could go crackers over hectares of grassland and around bushes, long gravel paths and of course when they get tired, cafe and seats. They meet other children who are there. Parking was great it just meant getting there. Obviously more such open ground nearer is good but at the late 1970s this was already under assault and not at all safe, with garden fences ripped down so rough areas were common. The amount of cycle space has increased and yet children are still constrained by house construction density cost planning allowances. Thanks for the News item, we had a Landscape who specialized in children's playgrounds, he had worked in Birmingham before that, many years ago now. Mike