Series 2012 - Wednesday 18 April

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Comments (3)

  • Polina

    2 years ago


    I was the littlle girl in blonde with the pink tracksuite top! My name = Polina

  • Mrs Lezlie Fergus

    2 years ago

    Mrs Lezlie Fergus

    regarding the interview about online medical diagnosis. I went to my GP 4 years ago after searching my symptoms online and concured that i possibly had Multiple Sclerosis. My GP dismissed it as depressions and sent me on my way. I had to go private to have this illness diagnosed and was confirmed as having MS afterall. Since then i have moved to Glasgow to have access to a better medical centre. The GP i am now registered with had continued to confuse my illness with other things, and as a result my medication has been mixed up and i have not received the full medical attention i require. It seems self diagnosis and medical diagnosis are just an incomprehensable up either way.

  • Steven Mckibbin

    2 years ago

    Steven Mckibbin

    The article on patients Internet self misdiagnosis being 1 in 4 or 25% is indeed alarming until you realise that the nhs misdiagnosis reported rate is 1 in 6 or 15%! Bering in mind that these are only the reported misdiagnosis it looks like the amateurs are doing probably as well if not better than the proffesionals! That to me is scary and a real story!