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Controversial plans to axe GCSEs

School exams in England are set to get much tougher, as the Education Secretary says the dumbing-down of GCSEs must be stopped.

Michael Gove's reported to be planning to replace the tests, with the return of more academic O'levels.

Less able pupils could sit more straight-forward exams instead.

Critics say the plans would divide children into winners and losers.

Leyla Hayes has been looking into it.

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  • LydiaGreat1

    almost 2 years ago


    I find Leyla Hayes report very intersting I never took GCSE maths as I wasnt considered good enough to pass it for 2 years I did a course called the green course which conisted of doing 5 or 6 maths text books and then taking test when you had done 1 half of the book you had to get 75 percent or more to pass and carry on to the next bit I was useless at this most of the other girls managed in 2 and a bit years to do most of the books I only managed to do 2 and a half books problems maths time tables right angels my maths when tested was that of a 5 year old.Every GCSE art exam I ever did was take your own shoe off and draw it I managed to dry a sock looking thing with a fancy buckle on it nothing at all like the real thing but I had a go and got 5 percent for effort.IF I had been diagnosed with my borderline learning disability my autism and ADHD much sooner then things mybe could have been different If I try a college course I get very bored restless and agaited even so far as sweating and trembling I dont think anything like what most people consider adult I'm unique I think and my brain is wired up a little differently than most other people.