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EU referendum poll: Majority of Brits would vote to leave tomorrow

A Five News poll found if there was a referendum tomorrow, the majority of Brits would vote to leave the EU.

The European Union symbol

When asked the question, "Do you think that the United Kingdom should be a member of the European Union?" 36% said yes compared to the 46% of respondents who said no.

Five percent told the YouGov/Channel 5 News poll they would not vote in a referendum and 14% said they did not know.

When asked whether they felt there should be a referendum on EU membership:

- 61% supported a referendum

- 20% were opposed

- 19% said they did not know

Discussing the issue on Channel 5 News, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said Britain's "entire political class" believe in EU membership because "they are stuck with a completely hopelessly outdated idea" that economic ties with Europe require political ones.

But pro-European Conservative MP Neil Carmichael disagreed, saying EU membership "is about the economic future of Great Britain".

It comes on the day legislation to give the public a say cleared its first parliamentary hurdle, with MPs backing a private members' bill to force a referendum by 2017.

Tory MP James Wharton's bill was given a unanimous second reading in the House of Commons after Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs abstained. 

The YouGov/Channel 5 News poll questioned 1,022 people between 4-5 July.