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Is the first motorway pub an invitation to drink?

We discussed the repercussions of the first pub to be opened at a British motorway service station.

Is the first motorway pub an invitation to drink?

The first pub at a British motorway service station has been given the green light.

The £2 million pound bar and restaurant will open on the M40 later this year despite criticism from road safety campaigners that it will "tempt" drivers to drink.

A spokesperson for road safety charity Brake said: "There is widespread misunderstanding about the fact that even a small amount of alcohol has a significant impact on your ability to drive safely, so it’s desperately worrying that some drivers might think it’s okay to stop off for a quick drink on their way home."

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin called the venture an "exciting new development" and said he hoped its would be "the first of many Wetherspoons on the motorway".

We discussed the controversial move with Katherine Brown from the Institute of Alcohol Studies and Mark Littlewood from The Institute of Economic Affairs. 

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  • Gareth

    3 months ago


    This is a very high risk enterprise for the pub chain. As newspaper puts it, "Pubs and clubs routinely' break the law on serving drunk people: Study shows just one in six are turned away from the bar". Should any accident happen after a driver leaves the motorway pub then the chain will be liable for any damages through selling alcohol to a drunk driver, if that drivers blood alcohol is proven to be over the limit.