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Jamie Oliver: Horse meat scandal has been ‘wonderful’

The celebrity chef talks to Five News about the crisis – and why we should have a sugar tax.

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Chef Jamie Oliver has told Channel 5 News that the horse meat scandal was “wonderful” because it made people more cynical about food.

He told Rebecca Barry: “For me it’s wonderful... The British public make really good decisions when they’re given good, clear information.

“When things like horse meat happen, I love it because it’s nice to get some more clarity – cynicism is important.”

He added: “I think halal and kosher meat is around the corner, it’s already broken in Sweden. We’re only DNA-testing for horse meat.”

The chef also made the case for the introduction of a sugar tax.

“If you look at what’s happening with the smoking ban and other taxes... Governments all around the world are looking at who’s going to break the sugar tax first...

“[Companies are] not going to sell any less, and that new money can be put into hospitals, kitchen into schools and teach kids how to cook.

“That’s my dream... the only choice for the future is we get that tax.”