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Jennifer Lawrence: I once Googled myself – now I’m scarred for life

The Hunger Games star talks to us about the Oscars, her hair and the experience of Googling herself

Jennifer Lawrence: I once Googled myself – now I’m scarred for life

Jennifer Lawrence says she is still scarred by the experience of once searching for herself on Google.

The star of ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ – which is set for its world premiere in Leicester Square this evening – told Minnie Stephenson: “Never again.

“I Googled 'Jennifer Lawrence ugly’... and I’m scarred for life, I’ll never Google myself again... 

“People were like ‘she’s so ugly I hope she dies!’ I thought: ‘I get that I’m ugly, but why do you want me to die?’”

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Sharing another sore memory, Lawrence talked about her unfortunate fall on the way to collecting her Best Actress Oscar (for her role in Silver Linings Playbook) earlier this year.

“It really rattled me, in so much that I forgot to thank the director and Harvey Weinstein.

"Otherwise the fall would have been totally fine and I would’ve laughed about it.

“I hate that fall – it was very embarrassing.”

- Minnie Stephenson reports:

Fans turning out for the premiere in London tonight might be slightly shocked at her new appearance.

She said her new haircut was a "big plunge" but not a nerve-racking experience.

“There was lots of hair on the floor, but no freaking out.

"I think it’s because I was at the in-between length anyway and I just hated it.”