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PIP implants don't cause cancer

It was the health scare that caused thousands of women to rush to have their breast implants removed.

But a new report into the PIP scandal has now found they don't pose any long-term health threat.

Although it will be a relief to some, the study DID find that they are still twice as likely to rupture compared to other implants.

Julian Druker reports.

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  • LydiaGreat1

    almost 2 years ago


    I'm very Skeptical that PIP implants are safe too many women seem to be saying publicly I feel very ill due to my PIP implants they feel that's the real reason why. I did consider a boob job throughout my twenties(I'm now aged 36) but never did it due to a constant lack of money and I didnt want silcone in my body I think even with the safeguards in place I didnt want to poision my blood stream as I felt that could mybe kill me in the end.I also developed MS so I now realise if I had gone ahead it would have been a big mistake for me.