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Superhero runner Jamie McDonald reveals details of gruelling ‘Forrest Gump’ run across Canada

Jamie McDonald tells Channel 5 News he did not plan a single day of his 5,000-mile journey.

Superhero runner Jamie McDonald reveals details of gruelling ‘Forrest Gump’ run across Canada

By Jack Leather

Superhero charity runner Jamie McDonald had described his ‘Forrest Gump run’ across Canada, admitting he did not plan a single day of the journey.

The 27-year-old from Gloucester took almost a year to complete what is thought to be the first unaided run across the country – and raised around £150,000.

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McDonald admitted sleeping rough in toilets and ditches – he was also beaten up and mugged on New Year’s Eve – but said “we need to keep the faith that we live in an amazing world.”

He told Channel 5 News: “It was a little bit like Forrest Gump in that I didn’t plan a single day, I just woke up, got running. I had no support crew so it was just me and a baby pram.

Jamie McDonald pram

“I slept rough – in toilets, in ditches - but if I could get to a town people would always put me up. Sometimes I would knock on people’s doors to ask if there was any chance [to stay].”

McDonald, who pushed a 60kg pram with his possessions throughout, ran with chronic tendonitis and has permanently misshapen his foot as a result.

McDonald suffered from a spinal condition called syringomyelia when he was a child and the epic 5,000-mile trek was the opportunity for him to “give back to the hospitals who helped me out as a kid”.

Jamie McDonald snow

He told Sally Lockwood: “I spent most of my early life in hospital. I’ve got a condition called syringomyelia and so symptoms as a kid were that sometimes I couldn’t feel my hands.

“I had an immune deficiency. Sometimes I couldn’t move my legs.

“If it wasn’t for the hospitals that helped me out as a kid, I might not be here. This journey was about giving back to them.”

Having started his journey by putting his hand in the Atlantic, he finished by running into the Pacific.

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