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Teenager thanks Duke of Cambridge for ‘saving her life’

Channel 5 News sets up meeting between Prince William and Sharon West.

Teenager thanks Duke of Cambridge for ‘saving her life’

A teenager who was rescued by Prince William on duty as a search and rescue pilot last year met him today.

- Peter Lane reports:

In a meeting arranged by Channel 5 News, Sharon West told him: "I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me last year."

He answered: "No, not at all. I'm glad you made a full recovery.

“A lot of time you never meet up with anyone after you've done it.

“It's a team thing. It was about 38 seconds, I think, it was the fastest ever one we've done - it's a good job it was.”

William came to the girl's rescue when she was caught in a rip tide.


She told us: "He saved my life, and Squadron 22 as well, all of them together.

"He rescued me when I got swept out to sea. If he'd been a few seconds later I wouldn't be here today."