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Usain Bolt: 2016 retirement plan ‘has changed a little bit’

The Jamaican sprinter tells us he wants to take part in the 2017 world championships.

Usain Bolt: 2016 retirement plan ‘has changed a little bit’

Olympic hero Usain Bolt has told Channel 5 News he has changed his mind about retiring after the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

He also insisted he had never been offered performance-enhancing drugs and criticised dope cheats for taking the “easy way”.

Speaking to Simon Vigar, he said: “That was the plan [to retire in 2016], the initial plan, but now it’s changed a little bit.

“I think my fans and my sponsors are pushing for another year so I'm really thinking about it, I've discussed it with my coach and my coach says it is possible...

“People are saying I should go on one more year, come back to London and do it one more time.”

Bolt showed no sympathy for Jamaican team-mates who have been accused of using banned substances.

“'For me, if they are found guilty then it’s pretty much sad to know, there's so many athletes out there who work hard and you're trying to take the easy way, up the ladder.

“For me it’s just a sad case and there's no room for that or room for friendship with athletes like that.”

In a much-publicised event, plans are being drawn up for a one-off race between two of the stars of the 2012 Olympics, Bolt and Mo Farah.

Both men are keen but the distance remains a contentious issue.

Bolt said: “I cannot run 800m, that's out of the question, I've never run 800 in my life.

“I've tried it in training and my PR [personal record] is like 2'07", that's really slow, a woman could beat me...

“I have to train, I have to co-ordinate with him and his training so we'll see what happens, it'll be something fun to do and interesting, we'll try to make it work.”

On post-athletics plans, Bolt said he “definitely” planned to play for Manchester United – or a non-direct rival team.

Maybe he will race Prince Harry too, after accusing the royal of cheating when they went head to head.

“Before he said ‘go’ he just ran off so I was left stranded. But it was fun, it was good to meet him, he’s a great person.”

Bolt has, disappointingly, never run for a bus.

“Taxis, back in the day, yes... Definitely, I did catch it. I’m that quick.”