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Ruth Liptrot

Ruth (@ruth5news) joined 5 News in April 2006.

Ruth Liptrot

Ruth joined Channel 5 News in April 2006 but before then she worked as an entertainment journalist for Liquid News on BBC3.

She began her career as a news reporter in Manchester before becoming a video journalist for ChannelOne in Liverpool.

Since joining Channel 5 News, Ruth has become synonymous with the 'and finally' story and has reported from the Oscars and the Cannes film festival.

What she likes even more than talking to celebrities though is talking to real people and unlike most journalists, she loves vox-pops.

She recently made a series of special reports for Channel 5 News on the cost of Christmas and what life is really like on benefits.

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  • Mohammad

    3 months ago


    I hear different name at the end of her report any time.. something like Nicola..? am I right? anyway she is absolutely a good reporter.

  • shaun

    almost 2 years ago


    Ruth Liptrot Is a Terrible Reporter. Looking at The Camera during interviews, She's Awful

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  • LydiaGreat1

    2 years ago


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