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Wednesday weather: Flood warnings continue

Presenter Sian Welby warns that the heaviest downpours will hit southern and western Scotland.

Wednesday weather: Flood warnings continue

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible in Scotland and northeast England today, especially in the afternoon.

There will also be a chance of light showers in parts of Wales, and periods of rain in Northern Ireland.

Southern and central parts of England should stay largely dry, however.

Skies will be variably cloudy, with sunshine becoming more abundant in the afternoon away from any rain.


Rain will continue to fall in Northern Ireland and this will gradually spread eastward across much of Wales and southwest England as well.

Western coasts of Scotland and Northwest England could also see some of this, but likely not until after midnight.

Drier weather is expected otherwise, though a few isolated light showers could pop up anywhere.

Skies will become generally mostly cloudy, but we could hang on to a few more breaks here in the southeast, at least until closer to morning.


Showers and storms will be possible across most of the UK tomorrow, with storms becoming more likely in the afternoon.

Computer models actually keep the bulk of the precipitation north of southern England, but I wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility of a stray shower.

The good news is that cloud should start to break up a bit as the day goes on, so there will be the potential for some sunny intervals in the absence of rain.

Winds will be light to moderate, mainly out of the south, and temperatures will be near to above average.


Scattered showers will be possible in Scotland and Northern Ireland on Friday and there could even be a rumble of thunder.

Otherwise it should be a very nice day for most of England and Wales, with conditions staying mainly dry, and partly to mostly sunny skies overhead.
Winds will be light and variable, and temperatures will be above average, warmest here in the southeast.

A high near 26 degrees is expected for London.


Rain will move into southeast England Saturday afternoon, and scattered showers will develop in interior portions of Scotland, Wales, and northern England.

Meanwhile, southwest England and the Midlands should stay fairly dry, but skies will be pretty cloudy nonetheless.

Winds will be light and variable, and temperatures will be above average.