A Right Royal Year

A Right Royal Year

A Right Royal Year

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Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011 rekindled the romance between the public and the British royal family. But as 2012 loomed, a more pressing crisis confronted the royals. On December 23rd, Prince Philip was airlifted to hospital suffering chest pains.

Over the following 12 months the family would face the publication of embarrassing photographs, legal battles with foreign press, more illness, a rain-lashed jubilee flotilla and reports of Harry playing strip billiards in Las Vegas.

Since the death of Diana, the royal family has had 15 years to adapt to dealing with press and publicity in the modern world. How did they cope in their most important year for decades?

Was this the year that Charles was nudged out of the limelight to allow the Queen to bask in the glow from William and Kate? Would Harry, against all expectation, become our new favourite? Would 2012 be the crowning glory to Elizabeth II’s reign?

These and many other questions are put to those who know the royal family intimately, including forme rMP AnnWiddecombe, Diana’s private secretary Patrick Jephson, the pageant master of the jubilee flotilla Adrian Evans, royal correspondent Robert Jobson and social historian Dominic Sandbroke.