1 - See Notes - Episode 9: Blind Spot

alphas, dr. rosen

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Cameron and Nina are posing as a couple to get close to an obstetrician named Kern, who they believe is working for the renegade Alpha organisation, Red Flag.

Meanwhile, back at base, Rosen and Bill are getting to grips with a new containment centre that can suppress Alphas of most abilities, which Rosen is skeptical about. Bill has lost his abilities since his run-in with Jonas Englin, but is trying to convince himself he is better off without them.

Cameron and Nina then turn up with a bound and gagged Kern, giving the containment centre its first occupant. Putting him through an MRI scan, they discover that he has no optic nerves, but that his eyes work normally. After the tests are finished the team discover that Gary’s phone has been tampered with and that data files had been opened.

Kern is questioned and claims to know nothing about the existence of Red Flag. However, a simple test conducted by Rosen concludes that Kern has some sort of capacity to ‘see’ using sonar, and the obstetrician is locked up.

When Rachel examines Kern’s office, her senses detect another’s presence, but, even with her abilities, she cannot see anyone. Rosen, who is won over by Kern’s statement that he has sworn to hurt no-one, enters the chamber and discusses his work. He has been working on a batch of vitamins that contain active DNA, which could lead to Alphas being created artificially.
Then Rachel is grabbed, and Kern says that he senses someone else in the building. Can he be believed? Gary checks out CCTV footage, only to discover that the cameras have been tampered with. So he tunes into a camera across the street pointing at the office they are standing in, which shows there to be one extra person in the room. Is this invisible stranger working for Red Flag? And is she following the team, or Kern?



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