1 - See Notes - Episode 11: Original Sin

alphas, dr. rosen

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In the season finale: Rachel, Nina and Cameron are tailing Red Flag assassin Isaac Hale, who was responsible for the deaths of the three scientists who worked on the early stages of the Alpha programme. Isaac approaches a woman called Danielle and asks her to hand over what she has. However, using her own alpha ability, she manages to escape. Gary picks up Danielle’s location and directs the team to the Baltimore Hotel.

Rosen arrives, bangs on Danielle’s door and asks his daughter to come out. She eventually succumbs to his pleading, but as they head off down the corridor, Hale arrives. Only Cameron’s timely arrival saves them. Back at base, Danielle is given a medical. She argues with her dad, saying that he has always treated her as a patient rather than a daughter.

Bill has been looking into Stanton Parish, the name he was given by Griffin. Parish wrote the Alpha manifesto, and is believed to have died in 1974. Bill asks for Gary’s help to find out more about him. Then Danielle reveals what Hale wanted from her: a necklace made of fake rubies, that when assembled forms a data storage device containing information on a high-level Red Flag meeting. Gary meanwhile, has disobeyed orders and contacted Anna to ask about Parish. Her refusal to talk about him in front of her Alpha-minder suggests that he is in fact still alive.

The fake rubies are traced to a GPS position at an abandoned brick factory in Highland Mills. Close by, backed up by a Department of Defense assault team led by Sullivan, the team takes up position. On witnessing Anna’s arrival, Gary requests permission to ask her to give herself up, which is denied. Sullivan moves in and causes a blood-bath. Who will survive the aftermath?



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