Season 2 - Episode 5: Gaslight

Episode 5: Gaslight

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In a New York hospital, an Alpha named Adam Gordon confirms that a dead girl is his drug addicted sister Maggie. As he walks away, he hears the dead woman calling to him, before he is restrained.

Meanwhile, Gary has connected Stanton's considerable fortune to a charity, the Llamrei Foundation. There are some donations to New York senator Charlotte Burton. Brainwasher Nina draws on Burton's memories with the help of Kat, as the Senator recalls the month of August and that a man approached her about trial tests.

Rosen meets with Adam at the hospital and suggests he go to a clinic for further treatment, but Adam again hears Maggie and attacks the orderly before escaping. That night, Hicks and Bill coordinate the search of the hospital as Gary and Rachel arrive. Are the Alphas dealing with a haunted hospital?

It seems so when the Gary’s deceased friend Anna talks to Gary. Is she still alive? At the hospital, Rachel and Bill hear Adam’s voice and follow it into a room, when the lights flicker and Adam jumps down on Rachel and takes her away. What does he want with her?

The weirdness continues when Hicks hears his son Tyler call to his father, begging for help as two orderlies take him away. Adam has handcuffed Rachel to a chair, thinking that she is Maggie. He starts to use a sinister machine on her before Rachel escapes.

In short, it seems that Rachel thinks Bill is Adam, Adam thinks Rachel is Maggie, Gary believes Anna is alive and Cameron is convinced his son is being experimented upon, as chaos reigns.

Eventually, Gary notices that a tray of surgical instruments is moving. An infrasound signal carrying the words ‘I’m drowning’ is generating the vibrations. As the team gets closer to the signal, their visions become more and more intense, but Gary determines that there is a comatose teenager named Jason Miller in the hospital and he almost drowned recently.

They find him in the intensive care unit and confirm the infrasound is coming from him, causing the visions. Despite Gary’s wish to hold onto the vision of his beloved Anna, they wake up Jason just in time for the team to avoid doing serious harm to each other.

Rosen notices that a photic stimulator was being used on Jason, causing huge brain activity and generating a signal that only Alphas can pick up. The name of the company manufacturing the stimulator is…August Medical. Senator Burton’s memories seem to suggest that Stanton Parish is linked to the stimulators, but what part do they play in his fiendish plan to cause a civil war between Alphas and humans? And will Gary ever really get over Anna’s death?



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