Season 2 - Episode 12: Need to Know

Episode 12: Need to Know

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Celebrations are in order as the 150th anniversary of Parish’s birth as an Alpha approaches. Unfortunately for some city residents, he has planned an explosive party and it has already started. Bombs are going off across the city and Rosen thinks he can use Parish’s ‘feelings repository’ Mitchell to help stop the terror.

He agrees to let Kat help move him to a psychiatric facility. Meanwhile, Parish talks to his team about a plan for transitioning the Alphas to the ‘new world’. He also chillingly reveals that the scheme was the late Danielle Rosen's idea. They start by ambushing the truck that is transporting Mitchell, while Kat gives chase in vain. However, Mitchell being taken was Rosen's plan and he now has Parish’s right hand man,
Cornell Scipio, in custody after taking him during Mitchell’s ambush. He says he wants a lawyer, but Nina has other ideas. She ‘pushes’ him in to telling them that Parish has been getting shipments for months, but Rosen already knows that. Scipio does not have anything else to say, so they give him a drug...

Meanwhile, Alpha genius Skylar is at home with daughter Zoe, working on a component for a man named Vince. Apparently he is a ‘friend of the family’ but it is clear that he is very much an enemy when it is revealed he is working for Parish. Skylar eventually smells something fishy when she cannot find Zoe. Sure enough, Vince has taken Zoe and will not give her back unless Skylar finishes the apparently crucial project she is working on.

In fact, Parish has no intention of giving Zoe back at all. He hooks up Skylar and the girl in his compound and uses Mitchell to transfer his sinister ambition. “I am about to change the world. It is just a shame so many people have to die,” he says.

Thankfully, Gary finally works out where Skylar and Zoe are and releases them, with no sign of Parish. However, there are a series of sketches hanging on the wall that appear to be her designs. What has she been working on? Skylar tells the team that Parish has forced her to build a strobe device that boosts the power of Alphas, with the small caveat being that it kills non-Alphas. Millions have already been made!

While considering the implications of the mass production of the human-killing machine, Rosen spots Parish escaping the compound. The armed villain aims at Rosen and fires. Parish’s plan for Alpha world domination seems to be set irreversibly in motion. What chance does Rosen’s team have of stopping him? Will they have to cope without their inspirational leader after he is shot at point-blank range? All will become clear in next week’s adrenaline-fuelled series finale.



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