Ambulance Girl

Ambulance Girl

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After more than 30 years of marriage, Jane (Kathy Bates) and Michael Stern (Robin Thomas) have reached a standstill in their private life and joint career as a successful writing team. Michael, a former alcoholic, has taken a new, self-empowered direction, leaving Jane to micro-manage no one but herself, and it scares the life out of her. So do her ailments: debilitating depression, uncontrollable panic attacks and hypochondria. Kicking her 'mid-life event' to the curb, she decides to take control of her life — by taking it an all-new direction.

Jane's life-altering adventure begins when she becomes a volunteer emergency medical technician. When her boot-camp drill-instructor promises speeding ambulances, bone-jarring rides in a small cabin, broken bodies, race-against-time illnesses, injuries and sickness, Jane knows it’s not going to be easy, but the challenge is irresistible. What unfolds is an inspiring story, based on real-life events, of a remarkable and brave woman who, in helping others, discovered a way to finally help herself.

Comments (7)

  • s

    7 days ago


    As long as she served him & he was centre of he life, he was ok, but as soon as she got a life for herseld , he couldnt handle it. Yet again selfish man after 30 years of marriage letting hiswife down.

  • Mary

    11 days ago


    An inspirational movie with a lot of moral lessons.

  • seanyc

    1 month ago


    watched this film,sound and picture fine all the way through...

  • lynn

    1 month ago


    vertually impossible to watch this great video, due to playing in slow motion, frame by frame. a shame for such a good film.

  • Maiia

    2 months ago


    I really enjoyed watching this film...Kathy Bates is adorable and Jane the woman she plays is truly inspiring! If you are having problems viewing this (or any other movie), you might want to check your software. I too had problems and needed to make some changes to my Firefox/Adobe Flash Player settings. Happy viewing :-)

  • will

    3 months ago


    Freeze, stutter, freeze, go back, freeze, give up.....again! Doesn't Demand5 have even one competent technician?

  • Liz

    3 months ago


    Great! N subtitles. So how m I suppose to watch?