Series 2013 - Episode 4: Baton Rouge Auditions

Randy Jackson

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Ryan Seacrest hosts as judges Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban audition talented members of the public to decide who will go through to the semi-finals.



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  • stacey

    1 year ago


    properly is aspie, many americans get misdiagnosed ie i was misdiagnosed from 16-22 guess how many "professionals" i went through? by the way asd gets easier to hide in some cases the older you get and i am also aspie

  • Amy

    1 year ago


    Surprised Charlie Askew does not have Asperger's! Music is a powerful tool to connect with others; my bandmates and I know this more than most as we have Asperger's or autism and two of us were particularly isolated. Music has brought us friendship; so much so, last week, our guitarist Dazza had a birthday party with friends for the first time, and I will celebrate my birthday with friends for the first time next week! I suppose the doctors know more than I do about Charlie's case but he seems to fit the symptoms or some of them, I think he is just the neurotypical side of borderline.

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  • iugl;kkjb

    1 year ago


    took twice as long to watch wouldn't load, i have no problem on other channel catch up sites. Sort it out

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  • stargirl7

    1 year ago


    why is it so hard to get these episodes to load? Never have these probs with other sites. What the frick is goin on? I ended up watching this episode when I really wanted to see the end of the former episode but it just didn't wanna load. Damn !