Series 2013 - Hollywood: Part 3

Hollywood: Part 3

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Who will judges Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban select to go into the Top 40?



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  • Chameleon

    1 year ago


    For those that are saying it doesnt work. I had the same problem, then I updated my flash player. After I did this all the streams worked... In a search engine search for "flash player update" click the link that takes you to the adobe website and download the lastest version of the flash player v11.6

  • andy

    1 year ago


    yes channel 5 u definatly need to sort it out u bunch of wet flannels!!! im starting to watch a audition and u go to these stupid ad breaks right as its getting good.........get it sorted !!!

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  • bigdex2005

    1 year ago


    none of these videos work what r u playing channel 5 sort it out

  • jax

    1 year ago


    stopped at 66 seconds to go of the ads, dont even get as far as the programme!

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  • ro

    1 year ago


    the video is so poor,freezes after 2 secs american idol was much better on itv 2 last year,their player worked perfectly!