Series 3 - Angelina's Dance Partner

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Angelina is ecstatic to have the opportunity to dance with her best friend, Alice, at Camembert Academy’s “Dance With a Partner Day.” Angelina likes to choreograph the routine down to the very last detail and Alice is happy to oblige! Unfortunately, when Alice gets the sniffles Angelina must partner with Vici. Vici’s style of improvisation contradicts with Angelina’s need for a choreographed routine and the girls part way until Ms. Mimi steps in to help. Angelina learns the importance of collaboration, cooperation and adaptability when working with a partner.

Educational Objectives:
•Know that there’s more than one way that successful dances can be created
•Learn that working together with a partner can have positive results
•Introduce children to the concepts of choreography and improvisation
•Understand that collaboration and adaptability are characteristics necessary for working with a partner

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