Series 3 - Angelina's Musical Day

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Angelina and her friends are putting on a production of "Peter and the Wolf" where each character is identified by a musical riff played on a character specific instrument. When Ms. Mimi comes to rehearsal with laryngitis, she uses these musical riffs as a way to communicate with the mouselings. Vici decides that if it can work for Ms. Mimi, it can work for her and she attempts to communicate by using a recorder and no words. One instrument becomes very helpful in Vici’s attempt to communicate through sound without words when Vici uses it to summons her classmates to rescue her. She ends up showing everyone that there are many different ways to communicate, and music is one of them!

Educational Objectives:
•To introduce children to "Peter and the Wolf."
•To introduce the idea that different instruments or other sound sources have unique and recognizable sounds that can represent characters or actions in a musical piece.

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