Series 3 - Angelina's New Home

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Angelina is having a hard time adjusting to her family’s move to the other side of Chipping Cheddar and decides to take matters into her own hands. She pretends to be her Mom and calls Camembert Academy to say she won’t be attending after all. After exploring her new home and neighborhood and receiving an encouraging note from Miss Lilly, she starts to embrace the move, but now has to confess her “deception” to her parents.

Educational Objectives:
• To teach children the importance of change and being adaptable
• To teach about tempo in terms of music and dance
• To teach the importance of honesty

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  • Series 3 - Angelina's New School

    Angelina is very excited and nervous about her first day at the Camembert Academy. Her new classmates know many different styles of dancing and she tries to copy them, but finds it very difficult!

    Available until 23:59 31 Jan 2016

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